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This page was last updated on November 26, 2018


Welcome to the Alpine Ski Patrol Contacts page, where you can:

- Contact The Patrol

   Here you can contact members of the patrol for various patrol-

   related issues.

- Send Us Your Comments

   Here you can provide feedback and suggestions on the site in 



Contact the Patrol                                                                   

The Alpine Ski Patrol have set up special 'primeships' within the Patrol. Each of these primes will be responsible for following up on issues to their area and keeping the Patrol informed. These primeships include:

1. Patrol Leader

    Contact the Alpine Ski Patrol Leader for any general Patrol-related issues.

2. On-Hill Co-Ordinator

    Contact the Alpine Ski Patrol On-Hill Co-Ordinator for any general on-hill information.

3. Social Events Co-Ordinator(s)

    Contact the Alpine Ski Patrol Social Events Co-Ordinator(s) for any social activities, or to find out 

    about any upcoming social events.

4. Awards

    Contact the Alpine Ski Patrol Awards Prime for general information about awards, or to 

    nominate any Patrol member for an award.

5. First Aid

    Contact the Alpine Ski Patrol First Aid Prime for general First Aid info, or about any First Aid 


6. Recruitment

    Contact the Alpine Ski Patrol Recruitment Prime for general info regarding recruitment, or if you 

    would like to join the Alpine Ski Patrol.

Send Us Your Comments                                                         

We'd like to hear from you as to what you think about our Web Site.  Please provide us with your honest feedback.  We may post your comments for all to see.  Thanks!

For any comments, suggestions, ideas, etc., on the Alpine Ski Patrol Web Site, please contact the Alpine Ski Patrol WebMaster