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This page was last updated on November 26, 2018


Welcome to the Alpine Ski Patrol members page.  Further navigation from this page is exclusive and restricted to Alpine Ski Patrol members.

Please check back later, as this section will be expanded and populated as information becomes available.


Alpine Ski Patrol Members                                                      

This site is for the members of the Alpine Ski Patrol.  To navigate further, a password is required. Please contact your APL for the password.  To proceed, please click on the button below!

You must have a password to continue!

CONFIDENTIALITY AND DATA USE AGREEMENT:  By entering the Alpine Ski Patrol members site, you agree that you will not use the information contained herein for purposes other than for purposes of the Alpine Ski Patrol, nor will you provide this information to any third parties.  Under Canadian law, the information is considered a compilation and covered by Copyright.  Any breach of this agreement may result in disciplinary action.

NOTE: The data stored in the Alpine Ski Patrol members site is the private property of Alpine Ski Patrol and are available only to authorized members of the Alpine Ski Patrol for approved purposes.  Unauthorized access to any program and/or data on the members site is not permitted, and any unauthorized access beyond this point may lead to prosecution.  This system may be monitored at any time for operational reasons, therefore, if you are not an authorized user, please do not attempt to log in.